Jude Lee

Jude Lee

Chief Technology Officer



After obtaining a bachelor’s degree from Berklee College of Music, Jude started his career as a licensed real estate agent out in the greater Boston area back in 2010. He focused on large commercial real estate and rental properties and worked with many prominent investors in the city.

Quickly after moving to southern California, he transitioned to continuing his studies in accounting and computer science. Since then he has been part of organizations that worked with many small to Fortune 500 companies throughout the world and also worked as a management analyst in municipal government in the financial sector bridging the gap between finance and technologies. Jude is also a full stack developer and quantitative analyst.

He oversaw and took the lead in many large-scale software developments throughout his career; industries expanding from finance, public safety, e-commerce, real estate and various SaaS products that have hundreds of thousand daily users.

He is also an investor in blockchain technologies and crypto currencies. He also currently provides consulting to a crypto currency trading firm in the US as a quantitative analyst and part shareholder and actively participates in developing applications integrating blockchain technologies.

He is also owner and investor of several companies in software development, accounting and finance.

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United States


English, Korean, Spanish, Japanese

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USA, Indonesia, Mexico

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Seychelles, Maldives, Thailand, Fiji, Germany, Italy, Greece, Australia, Singapore, Phillippines