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Time to Sell

6-24 Months

60 - 180 Days

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Zillow, MLS

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Wall Street Journal, James Edition, Mansion Global, Elite Traveler, Company Website, & More!

Cost to sell $10M Home

$200,000 - $600,000



Time to sell $10M Home

6-24 Months

60 - 180 Days

Under 90 Days


How It Works

If you are interested in using Gold Gate’s platform and services in order to successfully sell your home, you must first fill out the application below. Once you have submitted your application, a member from Gold Gate investor relations will reach out within 24 hours to ask you a series of follow-up questions about your property to see if you qualify.


In order to create the highest probability of selling the properties that we select, we carefully analyze the applications submitted and assemble a mix of properties that strategically complement each other in terms of price, geographical location, and uniqueness. We also take into consideration your desired timeframe to sell and if you have any interest in keeping months in the property for yourself.


If your property is selected to be featured on the Gold Gate platform and website, you will then receive a Real Property Marketing agreement from Gold Gate investor relations. After signing, the Gold Gate team will get to work in preparing the necessary due diligence and marketing documentation in order to properly present your listing to our global database of high-net-worth individuals, family offices, private investment groups, celebrities, professional athletes, and more.


Once we have found one or multiple investors interested in acquiring more than four months of your property, we will submit a 60-day exclusivity agreement to sell the rest of the months available and successfully purchase your property all-cash at the agreed-upon purchase price.


Thank you for considering Gold Gate and we look forward to speaking with you soon.



  • Located in a Gold Gate target market
  • Value of $5,000,000+
  • Built in the past 10 years

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Please input the price that you would like to sell the home for. Please keep in mind that we do not negotiate, and we ask that you give us your best and final offer. Under no circumstances will we accept a fee from the seller to feature their property. If you are highly motivated to sell your property, we ask that you reflect that in your pricing.

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