What is Gold Gate?

Gold Gate allows investors throughout the world to invest, use, and trade top-quality and irreplaceable real estate through a secondary marketplace. Our team of experts source each investment opportunity, raise money from investors, and acquire the asset for fractional use and benefit.

How does it work?

Gold Gate sources unique and “trophy” real estate from around the world. We then put the property under contract, provide the online marketing and legal documents, raise money, acquire the asset, and then issue digital shares to the respective investors that have the ability to be traded in our secondary marketplace (similar to a stock or a bond).

Who owns the assets?

All assets are owned by a specific LLC that is created once the property is under contract. When you invest in an asset, you become a shareholder in a specific entity that owns that asset.

Who manages the assets?

Local property managers manage the operations of the asset as well as client requests.

Who can invest?

An accredited investor is a person or entity who is allowed to deal, trade and invest in financial securities as long as they satisfy one (or more) requirements regarding income, net worth, asset size, governance status or professional experience.

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Are you a broker-dealer?

Gold Gate is not a broker-dealer. However, we do partner with a FINRA registered broker-dealer to administer our security transactions. They effect the sale of our securities and are responsible for ensuring that all transactions remain in compliance with FINRA and SEC regulations.

Who are these shares marketed to?

If you decide to sell your shares in an asset, your sell order will be confidentially marketed to tens of thousands of accredited investors from around the world.

Can I buy shares even if I missed the initial offering?

Yes, if you missed out on an initial offering, you can still place buy orders to our broker-dealers letting them know that you are interested in that specific offering.

Are there fees to Buy and Sell shares?


Will I receive any monthly statements or end of year documents?

You will receive quarterly reports discussing the property and market performance. At the end of the year, you will receive a K1 tax form (the standard tax form when investing in real estate).

When do you sell the assets and what happens when you do?

Gold Gate holds these assets long-term. However, we do keep close tabs on investor sentiment in the global marketplace. If we do liquidate an asset, it will be at a premium to the original purchase price and the proceeds will get paid to the shareholders (similar to a company acquisition).

Who do I speak with if there is a concern with my account on Gold Gate?

Please contact the investor relations manager at Gold Gate. They will be able to address your specific concerns.

What is the average net worth of users on the Gold Gate platform?

The average net worth of users on the Gold Gate platform is $5,000,000+

Can I sell my shares immediately after a property has been acquired?

Due to SEC regulations, shares are unable to be traded for 12 months after a property has been acquired by Gold Gate. After the property has been owned for more than 12 months by Gold Gate, investors on the Gold Gate platform are able to buy and sell shares in that property at any time going forward.

Can investors rent out their months to others not on the platform?

No. Only investors in the property itself will be allowed to use the property. If one owner in a property would like to rent weeks/months from another owner that is not interested in selling, they will have the ability to do so. However, those who do not own shares of the property itself or those that are not on the Gold Gate platform will be unable to use the property unless they become an owner through the acquisition of shares.