Global Real Estate Marketplace

What We Do

Gold Gate is the world’s first global real estate exchange where investors from around the world can buy and sell shares in ultra-luxury residential real estate for the purpose of property appreciation and personal use.

A fractional ownership model where one share equals one month.

You buy and sell digital shares; we take care of everything else.

Own 4 Homes for the Price of 1

Miami Beach House

$75,000 Annual Operating Expenses

New York City Penthouse

$75,000 Annual Operating Expenses

Aspen Chalet

$75,000 Annual Operating Expenses

London Townhouse

$75,000 Annual Operating Expenses

Miami Beach House

12 Months
$300,000 Annual Operating Expenses

Concierge Services

Property Taxes


Ongoing Proactive Maintenance

Post & Bill Management



Housekeeping & Cleaning Services


Secure Key Holding

Property Inspections

24/7 Emergency Line

Client Arrival Preparation

Landscape / Gardening

Additional Services

Vehicle Management


Laundry & Dry-Cleaning Services

Personal Chef

Childcare & Nanny Services

Grocery / Personal Shopping

Pet Walking & Care

Chauffeur Services

Security Services


Timeshares: Timeshares Pacaso: Pacaso Gold Gate: Gold Gate
Time Frame Timeshares: 1-3 Weeks Pacaso: 1-2 Months Gold Gate: 1-6 Months
Usage Timeshares: Fixed/Flexible Pacaso: Schedule in Advance Gold Gate: Fixed Months
Property Type Timeshares: Hotel/Condo Pacaso: Luxury Homes Gold Gate: Ultra-Luxury Homes, Condos, & Estates
Target Markets Timeshares: Vacation Destinations Pacaso: Rural Areas Gold Gate: Global Cities
Buyer Fees Timeshares: N/A Pacaso: 10% Gold Gate: 2%
Seller Fees Timeshares: 2% + Pacaso: 2% + Gold Gate: 1% (or less)
Management Fees Timeshares: 1% + Pacaso: 1% Gold Gate: 0.50%
Time to Sell (Liquidity) Timeshares: Months-Years Pacaso: Months-Years Gold Gate: Weeks-Days-Hours-Minutes
Expected Property Appreciation Timeshares: None Pacaso: Good Gold Gate: Great
Ability to Get a Loan Timeshares: In Some Cases Pacaso: Yes Gold Gate: Yes
Accepted Currencies Timeshares: N/A Pacaso: N/A Gold Gate: Over 50 Currencies
Ownership Interests in LLC Timeshares: No Pacaso: Yes Gold Gate: Yes